Entry #2

Time for destruction!

2007-10-21 00:34:26 by CerebralGames

Hello people!

Finally we have released or newest game to the world! It was more than 3 months of development and finally is here!

Army of destruction is an action shooter game, you have to defend your city from the alien invasion.

Defend your city now!

Time for destruction!


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2007-10-21 04:06:57

Man that game was awesome. I bet the next sequal is gonna be 10 times as better. I'm looking forward to it. (along with your other up coming projects)


2007-10-21 05:56:47

She got shiny boobs.

I still feel that the following option were missed out: "Go play with yourself" :(

2 ::l up


2007-10-26 14:25:29

amazing game.


2007-10-31 21:34:44

Love this game, love my advisor (the lady in the pic) a little more though :P


2007-12-27 10:38:17

Make impovements on Army of Destruction 2 buddy cause your gonna need it!


2008-01-31 17:01:23

wasn't this submitted to mofunzone about 3 months ago?