Time for destruction!

2007-10-21 00:34:26 by CerebralGames

Hello people!

Finally we have released or newest game to the world! It was more than 3 months of development and finally is here!

Army of destruction is an action shooter game, you have to defend your city from the alien invasion.

Defend your city now!

Time for destruction!

New game, new site, new everything

2007-09-25 00:28:28 by CerebralGames

Finally we have designed a website! you can check it at http://cerebralgames.com

Please check our latest submision at NewGrounds: Mole Hunter 2 it's a cute wack-a-mole game. I know you people like the blood... but I promess to make a bloody wack-a-mole soon.

We also are close to publish our newest game called Army Of Destruction. It's an action game with an intense campaign mode where you have to survive from the alien invasion! It features several levels, unlockeable weapons, intense action and a sexy woman character :D.

Check my profile and website for news about our games!

Sorry for my bad english compadre!

New game, new site, new everything